CFTI has submitted the program application to PCTIA for the approval of the Film Production program. Film production is one of the essential curriculums in the study of film and television. Students will learn practical skills through the close integration of the East and the West. Also, students will develop the ability to manage film productions and investments in the rapidly growing film industry. Most importantly, students will be able to have a firm grasp on production techniques, and  be able to control their own destiny in the field.


Students may choose whether to study for one year or for two years. Students who have completed the two-year program, will have the opportunity to produce their own films by using film production funds, which are assisted by the CFTI.


This course is designed for those who are interested in film and television productions, and who do not have experience in film production. Students will be able to learn the knowledge and professional skills related to film production.


In this course, students will face various challenges: They shall, first of all, be made aware of differences between concepts of copyrights both at home and abroad and then prepare their own graduation designs based on several original materials such as: a novel, a passage in magazines, newspaper articles, autobiographies or other feasible concepts or ideas. Students are also required to negotiate with our school concerning internship funding as well as write a proposal and then set up their own teams. They will participate in all stages of film making: bidding, writing proposals, reexamining scripts, auditioning actors and actresses and making up a budget. Apart from all things mentioned above, they shall also arrange scheduling, create scripts and cooperate with students in the Department of Acting so as to market their compositions in the best way possible. Only by acquiring the successful skills for film making and establishing social networks can they attain success in the real world.